Local Beer Legends

The Australian beer world wouldn't be what it is without the people responsible for brewing it and bringing it to consumers through their pubs, bars, bottleshops, tours and events.

In the lead-up to February 24, we're showcasing some of those people, from all parts of the country and in all manner of roles. We're asking what they're up to on Local Beer Day and why they think supporting your local beer businesses matters.

Nick Maschke
Tracy Margrain
Evan Hunter
Liam Jackson
Chris Brown
Ben Kraus
Grace Fowler
Ryan Allen
Janet Prout
Jade McManus
Shaun Reeves
James McCall
Stu Whytcross
Gab Moore
Scott Seymour
Charlie Hodgson
Cara & John Tynan
Max Bowering
Travis Moore
Trevor Lowder
Ché Santi
Rob Whitehouse
Lisa Ethe
Guy Southern
Evin Craney
Joslyn Erickson
Cassie O'Neill
Steve Brockman
Will Horan
Annelies Nijskens
The Catfish Crew
Briony Liebich
Matt Thiele
Bronte O'Donoghue
Shivam Tandon
Adsy Schell
Liam Pereira